Technical Writing

Whilst we specialize in technical translation, our team is comprised of technical writers who have migrated to translation. So if you have a new product and you need English manuals created from scratch, we can offer you the services of professional technical writers who can take your product and deliver high quality, user friendly documentation.

Writing Style

The biggest complaint that user's of electrical equipment make is that instructions in the user's manual are not clear. What use is a ground breaking new product if your users can't understand how to use it? Here at OMD we insist that our writers use plain, consistent English in their documentation and think about usability at all times. With experience documenting printers, digital cameras, dvd players, stepping motors, and even industrial slurry tanks, we are convinced that we have the skills, the tools, and the ability to help bring you closer to your customers.

The Process

1. Product Research

Our writer will research your product, checking specifications, previous products, and similar products, so that they are familiar with the overall concepts and aims. They will then create a proposed outline of the manual for the client to review.

2. Structural Review

The client reviews the writers proposed structure. The client notes any changes they would like to make and returns it to the writer. Once the structure is agreed the writer goes ahead with the first draft.

3. First Draft and Testing

The writer produces a first draft of the manual and passes it on to a tester to run an operation check. The tester runs an operation check by following the procedures and instructions in the first draft. If the software or hardware is not readily available, then the checks can be performed by using the product's specifications. The tester notes any errors and returns the first draft to the writer to make corrections.

4. Client Review

The first draft is given to the client to review. Any changes to the product specifications or changes in the structure or content of the manual are noted and the draft is returned to the writer for corrections. This process can continue until the client is satisfied or until a prearranged documentation freeze date.