We have years of experience translating commercial and industrial equipment for large international companies. We have also worked for educational establishments and individuals translating term papers, thesis, and white papers. With backgrounds in technical writing for both software and hardware we have the skills and the talent to deliver a product of the highest quality.

Quality Assurance

Here at OMD, delivering high quality translations is our primary goal. To do this we implement a four stage quality assurance system.

Stage 1

At the first stage the translator creates a draft translation. We only translate into our native languages, so a Japanese to English translation will always be performed by a native English speaker.

Stage 2

At the second stage a Japanese native speaker checks that the translator has captured the correct meaning and nuance of the source text. Any questions are then discussed with the translator and changes are made if appropriate.

Stage 3

At the third stage the original translator proofreads and spell checks the entire text and checks that the style is consistent throughout. It is then passed on to another native English speaker who gives the text a final proofread.

Stage 4

The project manager reads through the final copy and checks that any special requests made by the client have been applied correctly before signing off on the project.


In the fast-paced environment of translation and localization, no translator can afford to be without a translation tool. At OMD we use Trados which is widely recognized as the finest translation memory tool on the market today. If you need a set of manuals translated it is very likely that a lot of the text from one manual can be used in another. Trados recognizes text that has already been translated and provides the translator with exact matches. This ensures consistency of style across different projects and decreases time spent translating, which in turn decreases the cost.